Execution Management Services

Emulator APIs #

We are creating two separate APIs for MINT Emulators

  • MINT Emulator Manager API: to support search and discovery of emulators that are available in MINT
  • MINT Emulator Data Services APIs: to support retrieval and processing of data in MINT emulators

We are building these two APIs based on an existing MINT Ingestion API that performs the following tasks:

  • Gather model ensemble execution results.
  • Store model ensemble results into a database.

Relevant Pointers #

Ensemble Manager API #

The Ensemble Manager executes a model ensemble for all possible parameters and data combinations in a MINT modeling thread. It performs the following tasks:

  • Submit model ensembles for execution (Options: Local execution or Scalable execution)
  • Get Model Ensemble execution status

Relevant Pointers #