Demos and Videos

See the latest MINT User Interface demo videos here

See our August 2020 demo videos by clicking on this link

MINT User Interface #

The MINT QuickStart User Guide that gives an introduction and overview of the capabilities of MINT.

MINT Portal is available here (requires login)

Model Services #

A video of the GUI for exploring available models and their metadata.

MINT model catalog is available here

Desktop Application for Model Execution (DAME) #

The models in the Model Catalog are executable through DAME. A demo showing how to execute any model in your computer is available here.

Data Services #

The MINT Data Catalog (see overview) provides access to a curated collection of a datasets in the MINT Data Catalog.

There are two ways of interacting with it:

Data Catalog Portal #

The MINT Data Catalog Portal provides a way of interacting with the catalog in a browser. Some of the available features are showcased in the following demo video:

  • [Demo] Browsing MINT Data Catalog

Data Catalog API #

The MINT Data Catalog API provides a programmatic way of interacting with the datasets. Some of this functionality is showcased in the following demo videos:

  • [Demo] Registering a dataset using API
  • [Demo] Fetching for a dataset using API

Transformation Services #

A demo video of the MINT transformation system.